Optimal health in Fort Lauderdale can be described as the perfect harmony between the brain, body, its interconnected parts, and the synergy with which it operates in the environment residing around it. It’s an expression of complete mental, emotional, and physical well-being – mind, and body working as one.


The nervous system is the electrical wiring that allows the brain to regulate all things in the body. Without that communication, it would be impossible for the human body to survive or adapt in an environment that is constantly changing.

Chiropractic’s chief aim is to prevent (or) correct musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunction. Nerve flow is similar to the flow of traffic. Think of the spinal cord as an interstate highway. All nerve impulses traveling to and from the brain must travel along the spinal cord at some point in reaching their intended destination. Nerve impulses get on and off the spinal cord via the nerve roots that attach to it. If we were looking at the spinal cord as a major highway then nerve roots would be the on-and-off ramps that run along it.

Nerve root compression is a fairly common form of neurological dysfunction that develops from structural compromise in a particular area of the spine. For example, bulging and herniated discs can compress nerve roots and impede nerve flow.

Structural and/or biomechanical dysfunction in the spine is bound to affect neurological health and the brain’s ability to communicate with the body. Chiropractic takes a proactive approach to wellness that protects the integrity of the spine and the nervous system.