Dental Camera Repair, X-RAY Sensor Repair & Technology Solution in San Juan Capistrano, CA

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We have worked with thousands of Dentists over decades and gained an excellent reputation as (The best Service Center) with personalized support.

Our Founder and Operations Manager started at Aerospace Optics in 1990 where the first Intraoral Dental Camera was introduced to the world (IntraView). Aerospace Optics was quickly bought out by New Image Industries and the AcuCam Camera name was developed and the product became an Icon in the industry for top quality and long term durability.

New Image Industries also designed the first quality Dental Imaging Software (Capture It) and Digital X-Ray Sensor (NIDX) which later developed into the Dexis Digital X-Ray Sensor. Now known as the Dexis 601 Classic Sensor.

New Image Industries was later acquired by Dentsply (Gendex Division) at that time and moved to Des Plaines Illinois manufacturing facility.

Gendex a division formerly known as the company (General Electric X-Ray) where they manufactured X-Ray Units and later the GXS product line.

Our founder is the only person in the world with hands-on experience working for all of these companies throughout the progression of these High-Tech Digital Imaging Dental Camera and X-Ray Sensor Products.

Only AcuTech Center has the patronage, the history, the experience and dedication that makes us the number one choice for Dental Camera, X-Ray Sensor and Equipment Service and Support.

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